Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes

Mix things up and make cocktails at home

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Knowing how to appreciate (no less recognize) a good cocktail is arguably one of the most important virtues in life, but how to get there? Cocktail subscription boxes offer a path, with approaches ranging from the boozy (alcohol included) to simply mix mastering (every ingredient but the alcohol), with recipes ranging from porch pounders to sophisticated soiree sippers.

Nearly all of them would be welcome on your doorstep, but read on to see our picks for the best cocktail subscription boxes available today.

Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall: SaloonBox



Why We Chose It: This is a “total package” cocktail service with creativity and variety.

What We Like
Barware available as add-ons
Rarely found mini-sizes of spirits
Great per-cocktail price

What We Don’t Like
Barware shop is sparse
Only mini-sized bottles included
Too few à la carte box options

SaloonBox is very nearly the all-in-one cocktail box you’ve always dreamt of: The company provides every last ingredient needed for legitimate cocktails, using a range of spirits, developed by sought-after mixologists. Unlike some of the “mix only” services, SaloonBox works with local retailers in each state to have the spirits delivered as well, and in truly hard-to-find mini bottles.

Several à la carte options are available, but the memberships mean kits for two different cocktails each month, with ingredients enough to make two of each. Subscriptions start at $173 for three months ($58 per box), which puts SaloonBox on the slightly higher end per cocktail, but it's still well worth the introduction to solid cocktails. Where state laws preclude shipping alcohol, SaloonBox's “Everything But the Booze” option lowers the price a bit more, including every mixing ingredient and recipe short of the actual spirits.

Best for Mixers-Only: Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon

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Why We Chose It: Even without the alcohol, this is one of the best-developed cocktail kits available.

What We Like
Collaboration with legitimate mixologists
Recipe cards and how-to videos available
Bartender-recommend best bottles
Ships to all 50 states

What We Don’t Like
A lot of packaging material

Shaker & Spoon is as complete a cocktail kit as can be without the actual alcohol: Each box features multiple recipe cards alongside all of the mixing ingredients you would need for four servings of three different drinks. And with each box’s recipes built around the same base spirit, you’re only ever one bottle away from having everything you need for those 12 cocktails.

With industry heavies behind every recipe—think six-time Speed Rack champion Mony Bunni, NYC-cocktail bar Amor y Amargo alum Chris Elford, or Wine Enthusiast’s "40 Under 40" Tastemaker Kellie Thorn, among so many others—the drinks have perspective behind them, with a more complex taste and an appeal to the palate.

Shaker & Spoon starts at $59 for month-to-month plans, but the cost comes down quite a bit if you prepay: $169 for three months, $319 for six months, and $599 if you can commit to a year. In each case, though, you can cancel anytime, or skip a box or several.

Best Budget: American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club

Why We Chose It: For the patio cocktail party on-a-budget crowd, American Cocktail Club is a good choice.

What We Like
Flexible-length membership
Alcohol can be included
Moderate price per cocktail

What We Don’t Like
Not many “serious” cocktails
Too much focus on mixers

If you’re just getting your bearings in the world of craft cocktails, American Cocktail Club is for you. This alcohol-optional subscription delivers reliable, perhaps somewhat basic, recipes in a format many will find reassuring: something carbonated, a sweetened mixer, and four mini-bottles of spirit for those where the shipping works out. An easy-to-follow recipe card accompanies all of it, which will help you fill your glasses in short order.

Each box is good for four cocktails and can be relatively easy on the wallet with discounts for prepaid three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions. Plans start at $49–$55 for month-to-month purchases, depending on whether you want alcohol, with further discounts from there.

Best Splurge: Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste

Why We Chose It: This is a cocktail kit for the treat-yourself soiree crowd.

What We Like
Genuinely good recipes and packages
Advance notice of upcoming boxes
Full-sized bottles included

What We Don’t Like
Expensive per-cocktail price
Unclear which states can receive alcohol

Crafted Taste is in a category of its own when it comes to cocktail clubs. A full-experience cocktail kit that does so many things at once, it is one of the few subscriptions to offer full-sized bottles (although you can opt-out or choose mixers only) to go with its well-considered recipes. The number of servings may be high, but the price tag alone merits this being our splurge pick.

Whether month-to-month or à la carte or whether you're ordering the mixer kit (no alcohol) or either one of the full kits (with alcohol), you’ll receive supplies enough for 16 cocktails, a serving size that actually makes this one of the best per-drink deals. With advance notice on each box, you’ll know what you can expect and you have the flexibility to opt-out, upgrade, or downgrade to suit your interests.

Kits can be purchased à la carte from the shop or as month-to-month subscriptions that can be canceled at any time. Costs start at $100 for mixers only, reach $150 per month for full alcohol, and can stretch above $200 per month for top-shelf bottles. Shipping is included with all subscriptions.

Final Verdict

Each of these kits take an exciting, relatively unique approach to home cocktailing. Some, like American Cocktail Club, are suited to those who just want a good time with friends, not an education in cocktails. Shaker & Spoon is approachable, but also aspirational, with creative recipes and even videos. Crafted Taste’s kits stretch the furthest and make for the most balanced, compelling cocktails, but also have the highest entry price. SaloonBox gets our nod for best overall for its pairing of professionally developed recipes that ship with the alcohol at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Cocktail Subscription Box?

Cocktail subscription boxes are kits designed to make craft cocktails fixable from home. They offer curated experiences that may make you a better bartender and will certainly save you the trouble of sourcing and prepping your recipes and ingredients. Different plans may include alcohol, whether in mini- or full-sized bottles, or just the mixers.

With alcohol shipping laws varying by state, all-in kits may not work for you, but you’re usually only one bottle away from preparing each recipe and you may even appreciate the flexibility to choose your own spirits.

Which Kinds of Cocktails Are Included in a Subscription Box?

Most of the cocktails featured in subscription kits are either riffs on classics or original creations from the professional bartenders and mixologists working with most of the services. Recipes can vary from simple to sophisticated, but most would feel like discoveries to most drinkers, with creative twists or intriguing builds and complex finishes.

How Much Do Cocktail Subscription Boxes Cost?

Mixers-only boxes are less expensive than kits that include alcohol, going for as little as $39 per month with American Cocktail Club. On the other end, Crafted Taste’s “premium” boxes, with top-shelf spirits, can be as high as $200 per month. Most clubs offer penalty-free cancellation and might be worth trying out, especially at the discounted longer-term rates.

How We Chose the Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes

We put together this list of best cocktail subscription boxes with a few key elements in mind: price, creativity, flexibility, and plans that made things relatively easy—from the building or preparation on your end to the hassle-free cancellation of a plan. We also valued clubs that truly have a unique approach—an idea and service philosophy behind their offerings—rather than just products. Lastly, clubs that advertise an experience and then deliver on it made the cut.